Thursday, 17 September 2015

Inside the Green house

Here are a few pics for the green house 
I now have a 650 litres aquaponics system which is doing well powered by over 100 fish. This system is been around for over a year and half now, during which time there was a lot of refining done to get the water flow work properly.
Recently I have added the vertical system to this which will be activated soon. This will up my productions capacity by 48 individual grow pots. With a little modification to the plumbing this vertical system is now integrated to the main 650 litres system.

The 250 litres new system is also just setting in, the nitrification cycle has just started and this system is powered by over 20 fish.

Wicking beds are doing good and I have had a few good harvest from this. So I have added a few more smaller wicking beds. Also this wicking bed gets water from my swirl filter which gets cleaned weekly.

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  1. looks stunning!
    do you guys even buy veggies anymore?