Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Shifting tilapias

So the last weekend was filled with action as i noticed the solidwaste in my 500 liter system is creating a problem.  This system now has around 48 tilapias and some of them have become bigger than the others. So i decided to move 10 of the big ones to my second system.

 Catching them in the small fishing net was a little tricky, since the fish had become bigger then the net i had with me. So i had to get a bigger net. In the aquarium store i noticed lots of big fishing nets like the size of an A3 poster. I always wondered who would buy such big nets .... well ... i am well on the way to getting one soon :)

Some of my tilapias have become 8 inch long, another eight months they should be plate size or at least  0.75Kg to 1Kg each.

Here is a short video of how i moved the tilapias.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Miniponics - The Art Series -

This weekend i just decided to make more miniponics and give it an art treatment.
First i painted the growbed and portion of the fish tank white.
Using permanent marker pens, i started drawing interesting fish directly on to the white base coat.

The bottom of the fish tank was given a wave treatment and a few stylized creepers on the vertical pipes held the whole design together.