Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Miniponics - The Art Series -

This weekend i just decided to make more miniponics and give it an art treatment.
First i painted the growbed and portion of the fish tank white.
Using permanent marker pens, i started drawing interesting fish directly on to the white base coat.

The bottom of the fish tank was given a wave treatment and a few stylized creepers on the vertical pipes held the whole design together.


  1. Beautiful --Excellent recycling concept--What did you grow ?--How many fishes ? And airpump and water pump capacity ?

    P N Subramanian

    1. Thank you ... I have used this to grow greens mainly (leafy veggies). The water capacity in this is around 15 liters and i had a few goldies and some guppies. Technically you can have around 5 to 10 ornamental fish. I do not have air pump in this as the water dropping back from the growbed will oxyginate the water.

      Check the below link for more details.


      for a DIY video follow the link below